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Having contrasts, whether it be color, texture, or structure, can set your landscape apart from all others. Impervious surfaces always has its place in adding to the beauty of your yard. Whether it's a large wood burning fireplace or a natural gas fire pit, make it a focal point to your outdoor living space.

Do you want to spend more quality time at home? Outdoor fireplaces will enhance your landscapes beauty and give you more time for you to enjoy.

Multiple varieties of stone are available in installation of Flagstone Patios and Sidewalks.

Our most popular flagstone installation is "Gapped Joints" as to allow creeping groundcovers to abound amongst your choice of stone to give you your "English Garden" feel.

Flagstone is installed via Mortar Set - more formal and impervious, Sealed Joints - semi-impervious and less maintenance, and Sand Set - which allows moss or creeping groundcover to grow giving off an "English Garden" feel.

Ask us which installation methods would best suit your needs.

Need a patio, sports court, or driveway extension? Our cement contractors finish all textures according to taste and function.

Ever consider concrete curbing?

Our continuous concrete landscape borders around lawn or shrub beds saves time edging, creates retention, and gives you the manicured look you are after.

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