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With water conservation being at the forefront every season, watering efficiency is key. Dzingle’s designs and installs commercial and residential sprinkler systems using the latest in modern components of which leading manufacturers provide.

These systems are becoming increasingly popular because of their efficiency, insuring your landscape has water provided when it need it most, and not having to hassle with unsightly hoses.

Have a system installed today and you'll wonder how you lived without the convenience and efficiency of an automatic sprinkler system.

The amount of water that is required to keep a particular type of plant healthy is determined by many variables; light, soil conditions, and plant species to name a few. That is why it is of the utmost importance that your irrigation design is customized to your yard.

With technology constantly changing, we evaluate which particular variety of heads and type of automatic controller we advise for your property.

Our experienced designers compute all factors such as static pressure and gallons per minute to dictate pipe sizes so your system operates at maximum efficiency.

After installation we offer services for system maintenance
  • Annual System Winterization

  • Spring Start Up and Adjustment

  • Troubleshooting-Repair

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