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Why limit yourself to enjoying your beautiful landscaping to only during the day? Landscape lighting done properly, compliments the aesthetic value of your property as much as any other enhancement method.

Utilizing state of the art low voltage lighting systems, the goal is to use shadowing/spill lighting to enhance trunk structure, branch and leaf texture, and surrounding terrain.

The type of lighting fixture, quantity of lights, and proper placement, are key elements on achieving a more subtle resort feel rather than an obtrusive glare that negates dimension and appeal.

Dzingle’s installs both types of wiring methods for outdoor lighting, low voltage, and line voltage.

Along with every estimate is a complete explanation of industry leading products utilized and how we distribute the proper voltage evenly to each lamp to insure flexibility in design and durability of your system.

A large portion of the waterfall systems that we install include a full compliment of lighting.

Clients especially enjoy the underwater light fixtures that show off their fish during their most active time, after sunset.

When implementing a custom lighting design for your system, focal points and texture of the objects being lit are established.

These are the areas we concentrate on to get maximum enjoyment from landscape lighting.

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