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Dzingle’s Landscaping, L.L.C. is a full service landscape company that contracts all your landscape needs from design, installation to maintenance. All aspects of your job are performed to the utmost in quality to insure your satisfaction when your project is completed and most importantly, for years in the future.

All of our lawns are prepared with diligence to guarantee a thick and lush outdoor carpet for you to enjoy. We use the best lab tested soils to insure drainage and proper nutrients to best fit your conditions.

Our sod lawns are grown locally using only the finest quality seed mix that is guaranteed disease and weed free for your instant lush playground.

Hydroseeding is an excellent option to your desired lawn area. Again, using quality seed is key for this method that is a great option from March 15th to November 1st.

COMING SOON!  -  Synthetic Lawns and Golf Greens.
                                             Truely Going Green!

At Dzingle’s Landscaping, we understand that sometimes, personal budgets can dictate the extent of work. We always emphasize to our valued clients the importance of the big picture. We have many who choose to progress to the point of "Plant Ready Condition". All planter areas are prepared to height, shape and depth.

For folks who choose to plant themselves, we’ll advise to implement personal taste, climate, and topography.

With our full service, we take all the previous mentioned considerations into account to achieve a creative, well-balanced landscape.

All nursery stock is #1 stock, locally grown, and hand picked. If it is not good enough to go in one of our yards, then it is not good enough to go into your yard.

As always, we keep your personal preferences in mind when designing your landscaping to create a beautiful setting at your home and community now and for years to come.

Our natural stone walls blend nicely into the northwest theme. Construction for strength and stability, we use an igneous stone with flat cleavage planes to create a tight interlocking wall.

Whether we are creating a flat area for a more functional lawn or building a terraced look for separate gardens, rock walls will change your living space.

Sometimes the topography of your land warrants retaining walls. We offer multiple methods of retaining your slope to achieve a level and more functional space.

Using the latest in long-lasting treated lumber, wood retaining systems give customers a more formal look. Diligent to use proven support system methods, we guarantee our walls integrity.

In situations where a more formally structured form of retention is desired, an engineered block wall may be the answer. All walls are installed per manufacturer’s specifications. Block walls truly add elegance to your property.

Typically your landscape needs mulch to achieve the finished manicured appearance.

We offer all types of mulch to fit your particular needs
  • Bark

  • Steerco

  • Compost

  • Cinder

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